The Executive Approval Project (EAP) seeks to contribute to the study of public support for political executives. Its related Executive Approval Database (EAD) represents the fruit of a major and ongoing data collection effort. The EAD contains quarterly and monthly time series measures of executive approval for more than 50 countries based on data from hundreds of polling firms and thousands of individual public opinion polls.

The project website is in its preliminary stage. On this site you can find a short explanation of how the data are derived, links to software used to generate the datasets, and replication files for publications using the EAD. More technical explanations of the data can be found in the links provided to publications and working papers that use the EAD. The site also features pages describing the Executive Approval Project’s core team members and data contributors.

In the coming months the Executive Approval Project team will be adding updates and new versions of the dataset (with more years and cases) along with working papers. To stay apprised of the project’s latest developments please fill out the short form to join our mailing list.